Top-of-the-line nutrition and preventative care

Hill’s Science Diet

Proper nutrition plays an important role in the overall health of ones pet. Hill’s quality lifestage diets provide optimally balanced nutrients based on age, activity and special needs. Help to enrich and lengthen the special relationship between you and your pets by providing the best canine/feline nutrition in the world. Hill’s is the veterinarian’s #1 choice to feed their own pets for almost 70 years.

Hill’s Prescription Diet

A recent study by the American Animal Hospital Association reports that nearly 60% of sick pets need therapeutic dietary solutions. Hill’s prescription diets are designed to give sick or disease prone dogs and cats nutritional support during and after therapy. Various recipes include scientifically proven treatment recommendations for: allergies, osteoarthiritis, brain aging, cancer, cardiovascular conditions, orthopedic development, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal disorders, pregnancy, hepatic disorders, obesity, dental health, debilitation, kidney disease and urinary tract stones. Additional university studies show that chronic disease progression can be delayed with improved quality of life and longer survival time with specific dietary therapy. Our clinic advocates Hill’s philosophy and utilizes their diets as part of your pet’s therapeutic regimen.

Harrison’s Bird Diet

Nutrition is the single most important aspect of preventative care for birds. Most avian veterinarians will acknowledge that malnutrition is the cause of 75% of the illness they see in their bird patients. Harrison’s Bird Diets are a family of certified organic, formulated diets that were created by avian veterinarians and nutritionists with the health of your bird in mind. Harrison’s Bird Diets International, Inc. is committed to making a difference in avian health. Having the foods available only through veterinarians enables proper educational support during conversion and they become an integral component of a “well-bird” program.

Oxbow Products

Oxbow Pet Products are a worldwide supplier of premium lifestage feed and supportive care products for small exotic animals. Based in Murdock, Nebraska, the company has offered organic and chemical free grass-hay based diets for 25 years. A six step quality control assurance provides a high standard of product excellence for the diets of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, prairie dogs, pet rats and mice.


Company founder Tom Roudybush committed ten years of research at UC-Davis focusing on the nutritional requirements of birds. Resulting diets contain all natural ingredients and no additional coloring. Special formulations were developed for: life-stages (growing birds and high-potency/production), species variation (nectar diets, squab diets and the “wildwings”/rehabilitation series) and special nutritional conditions (liver disease, kidney disease, gastrointestinal concerns, obesity and hypersensitivities). High palatability makes these products excellent choices for conversion from seed diets.

Dental Products

Home dental care and hygiene extends the clinical health benefits of prophylactic cleaning and repair. Products are varied and can be tailored to meet patient needs and temperament. “Doggie bad breath” and “tuna breath” can be reduced and controlled! Daily care can be approached via tooth brushing, oral rinses, individual use wipes, prescription diet or “treat” products. Plaque-reducing enamel sealants are available for less frequent care. Available product lines include: CET, Dentacetic, Nolvadent, vRX, Oravet, and Greenies.

HomeAgain Microchips

Microchipping a dog, cat or parrot is a safe, simple and permanent form of identification. The procedure involves the quick injection of a rice-grain sized, inert, biocompatibly coated “barcode” under the skin leaving no painful visible defects (such as freeze branding, tattooing or leg band). Recognized and approved by the USDA for international travel requirements due to their inalterability, these chips are also used to document insured, lost or stolen pets. The code on each chip is easily read by handheld electronic scanner available to veterinarians, animal shelters and other animal control agencies. Enrollment in the HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service utilizes this technology, at a rate of 7000 returns a month, to reunite lost pets and their owners.

Therapeutic Skincare

Skin is not only the largest organ of the body, it is a site of primary allergic responses in dogs and cats. Bacterial or fungal invaders contribute to the odor and the scratching. Different breeds have different skin and haircoat characteristics – flaky, oily, dry or sensitive. We can guide you to the best product combinations for your particular pet. Medicated, antiparasitic, hypoallergenic, or soapless shampoos can be followed up with conditioning rinses. Moisturizing sprays or light colognes are warranted by some. The entire animal can be soothed with oral fatty acid supplementation, or a smaller, localized “hot spot” treatment may be indicated by others. Ear cleaning should also be part of any canine skincare regime. Allergies not only affect pets, but pet allergies can affect owners! Antidander formulations reduce human discomfort from pet related sensitivities. Available product lines include; DVM, VPL, Virabac, Animal Pharmaceuticals, EVSCO, Allerpet and Allergroom.

Flea & Tick Products

Skin parasites in domesticated pets not only make them uncomfortable, but can readily spread diseases. Lyme disease and scabies are two that can be transmitted to humans. Short-acting oral formulations, long term “spot-on” topical treatments, repellent products, group treatments, house/yard treatments and products for very young animals can be used alone or in combination for best protective coverage. Available product lines include: Merial, Bayer, Pfizer, Novartis, VPL, VIP, Virbac and Vetkem.

Heartworm Prevention

Canine heartworm infection is a widely distributed throughout the United States, with some of the highest infection rates (45%) found in unprotected animals living along the Gulf Coast region. While dogs are considered the definitive host of the mosquito-borne parasite, heartworms may infect more than 30 species of animals -including ferrets and cats. Susceptible animals can be infected regardless of age, sex or habitat. Disease prevention has proven the safest, most economical method of treatment. Choice of preventative is dependent on species and lifestyle, the most popular being monthly oral formulations or topical treatments. Products are available only by prescription, and before starting any prevention program, dogs that can possibly be infected with mature heartworms should be tested for them. Available product lines include: Merial, Novartis, Elanco, Merek, and Pfizer.